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PureCloud is a smart city law-enforcement platform to help cities and national governments end air pollution, corruption-free, on budget.


GPS Integration

Robust Design

Instantly Measure All Parameters

Industrial Grade Measurement


Anti-Bribery Protection

Encrypted Data Transmission

EU-Data Protection Compliant

PM2.5, PM10, SO2, CO2, NO2, CO


Customized Dashboards

Language Localization for Staff

Optional Public Notification Display

IoT/ Smart City Integrations (Nokia+)

Environmental inspectors face a difficult problem.

They are on the frontlines of a battle for air quality that is costing 7 million lives every year. They are tasked with accurately finding sources of pollution, verifying the source in a way that stands in court, and in many places facing physical threats for doing their jobs well. They are committed to improving their communities – but desperately need a system that will both protect them and enforce the law.

  • LACK OF MEASUREMENT TOOLS: Is the law being broken or not? Without a verifiable system that is legally certified, inspectors cannot prove their case.
  • THREATS & CORRUPTION: Fines associated with pollution can be very high – so polluters often threaten inspectors with harm or attempt to bribe them, putting the entire system in jeopardy
  • COMPLICATED IMPLEMENTATION: Polluted air is killing people today – the health of citizens can’t wait years for governments to figure out the technology and use it well.
  • HIGH COST OF MEASUREMENT: Purchasing smart city air quality sensors are simply too expensive for the budgets of many municipalities across Europe and the globe.

PureCloud is designed specifically to meet these challenges.

PureCloud is designed with everything your city needs to enforce the law, hold violators accountable, and keep your public informed. Our system utilizes cutting-edge IoT technology to provide 360º air quality monitoring capacity, with accurate and easy-to-use mobile units and fixed stations.

  • Robust Anti-Corruption Controls
  • Powerful Cloud-Based Analytics
  • Certified Legal Calibration to International Standard
  • Secure, 3rd Party Data Storage to Strengthen Public Trust

Data drives better decision-making.

Move from opinion-based policies to data-driven decisions - and create the transparency that citizens are asking for.

98.1 μg/m3


135 μg/m3


7.0629 μg/m3


PureCloud Smart City Systems

We are a cleantech IoT firm dedicated to providing smarter data tools for the environmental regulatory sector across the EU and globe.

PureCloud concluded a seed funding round with investment by the World Bank and Macedonian National Fund for Innovation. Significant public-private partnerships include Cyril & Methodius University and INNOFEIT. Startup resources from Google for Startups and AWS Partner Network in collaboration with YCombinator.


Our Vision

Cleaner air for healthier lives in communities across the EU and the globe.


Our Mission

PureCloud systems strengthen institutions by creating timely, reliable environmental data and analytics for decision-makers and inspectors to act on.


Our Values

PureCloud values strengthening the rule of law, encouraging innovation, honoring existing relationships, and measurable accountability based on data.

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