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PureCloud Smart City Systems

We are a cleantech IoT firm dedicated to providing smarter data tools for the environmental regulatory sector across the EU and globe.

PureCloud is creating cleaner air by equipping inspectors and leaders at all levels to do their job more effectively - strengthening the rule of law. PureCloud concluded a seed funding round with investment by the World Bank and Macedonian National Fund for Innovation. Significant public-private partnerships include Cyril & Methodius University and INNOFEIT. Startup resources from Google for Startups and AWS Partner Network in collaboration with YCombinator.


Our Vision

Cleaner air for healthier lives in communities across the EU and the globe.


Our Mission

PureCloud systems strengthen institutions by creating timely, reliable environmental data and analytics for decision-makers and inspectors to act on.


Our Values

PureCloud values strengthening the rule of law, encouraging innovation, honoring existing relationships, and measurable accountability based on data.

PureCloud FAQ

If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

It is very affordable. Each system is supported on a 2-year contracted agreement, with a software as a service (SAAS) business model, which helps cities with budgeting, and allows the costs to stay low and consistent across the contract period. Each package is customized to your particular use case and the pricing varies depending on the mix of mobile and stationary units needed.

PureCloud is an integrated system of IoT devices, both mobile and wall-mounted/stationary, as well as a cloud-based analytics platform. You cannot purchase a single device without the platform - but we can work with you to find a fit for your needs that will keep costs low.

Absolutely. PureCloud is designed with both governments and industry in mind. This is a use case that is both legal and recommended to ensure that companies will catch pollution control issues before a fine is issued by the relevant authorities.

PureCloud data is secured in powerful and encrypted cloud computing infrastructure at Amazon Web Services (AWS) and mirrored in an independent, 3rd-party data escrow. This allows readings to be audited and prevents erasure and interference by governments or business entities that would benefit from removing PureCloud's data stores.

PureCloud was founded through a public/private commercialization partnership between Inform DOO and Cyril & Methodius University in Skopje, North Macedonia. The owner's group founded PureCloud as a US corporation with offices in Austin, Texas, with a subsidiary company in North Macedonia for operations in Southeastern Europe. This configuration facilitates investment and keeps our focus on the EU and nations in the EU accession protocol.

Yes, we expect groups like NGOs and educational institutions to have access to elements of this data in the future - and anticipate that it will be very helpful. Please be aware that privacy is a first-order priority, so no data would be shared that would compromise the privacy or security of those who use the system or those for who they are responsible. Please stay tuned for these opportunities in the future.

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